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We at NAMU lux believe that every scrap of fabric has a purpose, our target is to be 100% circular with our production and work to make sure that every single left over fabric is put to use.To celebrate our co-founder Paola’s birthday we collaborated with our dearest friend Catherine, tablescape designer @tablegetaway to create a jungle picnic.

Catherine fused Paola’s passion for textiles and nature and envisioned a picnic setting completely created with NAMU Lux scrap fabrics and upcycled Balinese bamboo decor objects, creating a unique and joyful lunch set up.
Recycled wine bottles were newly labelled with NAMU Lux fabric scraps and became our water bottle for the day, each guests was allocated hers/his own print along with a napkin handcrafted with NAMU Lux overstock fabrics.
Wine bottles were also handcut to become our water glasses, we thank our friends @sungaiwatch who facilitated this.
Colorful, handpicked marigolds adorned the table set up which included Paola’s collection of handmade textiles which became table runners for the day.

@tiantaru was the perfect location to celebrate Paola’s passions for the crafts and nature and guests ended the day hand dying their own “selendang” (Balinese sash worn on top of sarongs) with natural Indigo in the pristine jungles of Bali, surrounded by lush indigo plantation.
Thank you @tablegetaway to make this dream come true.