The Dongeng Collection

Dongeng – Indonesian for fairytale - encompasses our journey from Bali to Java, our dream to connect with local artisans , to create together a collection inspired by Indonesian crafts.

The ”click-clack” sound of weaving looms welcomed us in the heart of Java, where this craft has been a channel of passing down knowledge and traditions from generation to generation.  Loom weaving is strongly grounded in local villages and organized around women-led initiatives so that women can have an income and yet be close to their families.

Lush terraced rice fields led the way to Mas Saiful and his family in the hills, where the quietude of nature embraced us.

Indigo plantation inspired us to launch our first capsule Batik tulis collection in hand dyed natural indigo. A delicate pattern remeshing of the Padma flowers is hand painted on NAMU Lux signature pieces embodying the meaning of this flower: beauty and grace.

The journey ended with Paola’s dream coming true working closely with the women of the family to introduce to NAMU Lux the art of Sashiko.

The Japanese word Sashiko means "little stabs" and refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework.

NAMU Lux pieces have been embellished with hand embroidered geometric and clouds patterns making each piece unique, one of its kind.

Originally, sashiko was used as a form of darning to repair or add strength to worn areas of clothing making each piece to last longer; we hope you will enjoy this collection for many years to come and feel the warmth of the human touch, who has hand crafted this garment for you with passion and dedication.