Obi Saisei Belt

Rp 380.000
Color: Indigo
Size Guide
Size Guide 1

Crafted from left over handwoven fabrics and meticulously hand-stitched, the Obi belt adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit

The Obi Belts are part of our capsule collection Saisei featuring limited edition pieces that embody the concept of "Rebirth" - from the Japanese word Saisei. Each item has been crafted with leftover fabrics in small batches, making them truly unique.

Saisei is composed of the kanji 再 (read sai) meaning “again; twice; second time” and 生 (read sei) meaning “life; birth”, here is the second life of our favorite NAMU Lux patterns.

Handmade with love for you on the island of Bali.

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