The Sachiko Apron - Hand embroidered, Natural Indigo

Rp 880.000
Color: Indigo
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The Sachiko Apron, handwoven in cotton, has been meticulously embroidered with love for you and hand dyed in natural indigo. Wear your apron as an accessory, layer it on your trousers, skirt or dress to add an edge to your outfit.

NAMU Lux is very proud to introduce the art of Sashiko.

The Japanese word Sashiko means "little stabs" and refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework. NAMU Lux pieces have been embellished with hand embroidered geometric patterns making each piece unique, one of its kind.

Originally, sashiko was used as a form of darning to repair or add strength to worn areas of clothing making each piece to last longer; we hope you will enjoy this collection for many years to come and feel the warmth of the human touch, who has hand crafted this garment for you with passion and dedication.

We at NAMU support One-Of-A-Kind Pieces In a world of homogenized mass production.

The beauty of handmade lies In its irregularities, making each piece Unique.

Support Slow Fashion, Wear HandmadeBy choosing Handmade, you are supporting communities of artisans and their age old techniques handed over through generations.

Be a true Fashion Hero…pre-order your clothes

We produce in small quantities to respect the time each artisan dedicate to each piece. We encourage our customers to pre-order their NAMU garment to help artisans to dedicate time to their passion and dye, print and stitch your clothes with time and love.

All together we will help to reduce deadstock which means more time for our artisans to spend with their families and friends.

Once you’ve placed your order, it’s customized just for you and on its way to your home within 10/14 days!



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